Hi everyone!
I’m Sleep!
Yes, your favorite Sleep. I know none of you will disagree that I’m what you all want and some of you need. Everyone sees me as a pleasure, but actually I’m an importance too. Just like your gadgets need to be charged, your body too needs charging. And I’m the charger it needs.
I’m as important to you all as exercising or healthy eating. You all are taking me lightly these days. You have to get me right otherwise you can experience many problems. Adults should have me for 7 to 9 hours. Children and teenagers need me more. My quality and pattern should be good enough to keep you healthy. If you have me for a short duration, there’s high risk of you gaining weight or even obesity.
Also, if you’re deprived of me, it can disrupt your appetite and cause poor appetite regulation. Bad sleep can also affect the functioning of your brain and thus your concentration.
So, it will be best if you start establishing a realistic bedtime and stick to it religiously.


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