This is haldi here.

A warm welcome in the world of We together. I am your haldi; Yes! the ubatan you use for shagun and ceremony.
First of all thank you We Together for bringing my identity in front of the people which I have lost years ago.
I feel bad when I am exposed to industry and factories. Because of Industrialization, packaging and curcumin pills, I am unable to perform my potential.

  • I have the power of healing, so whenever you get a cut please come to me. 
  • I have the solution for hormonal imbalance . 
  • I am good at heart functioning 
  • Do you have dark circles and skin problems? Use me . I am your solution . 
  • Insomnia ? come on! Come to me with a glass of milk. 

I WILL DO ALL MY BEST BUT WITH A REQUEST ~Please buy me from a local render shop (from a sabji wala/wali)

Buy me in my original form and not packed, in form of powder or pills

USE ME FRESH AND NOT LIKE A GUEST! (bring me daily in your home and not kabhi kabhi like guest)

-Haldi (Natural healer)

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