A small conversation among PCOd curing ingredients.

Cinnamon – Hello haldi! You look so fresh and authentic.

Haldi – Hey cinnamon!  You are so tall and strong.

Flax Seeds – Hello haldi and cinnamon! Look here arrives my buddy with same size and structure.

Fenugreek seeds – Hello everyone! What are you all talking about?

Haldi – we were talking about the help we offer to people in so many ways. As I heal wounds and cure skin problems.

Cinnamon – I am an antioxidant, which give people pimple free skin and I also deal with harmonal imbalance in humans and help females in curing PCOS.

Fenugreek seeds – Man, I help females  too in dealing with PCOD. I have been proven to be good in insulin resistance, curing diabetic patients.

Seeds – oh! you guys have proved yourself great in dealing with patients. Well, I am rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. I help in maintaining cholesterol and also benefit patients with heart problems.

Haldi – cinnamon and I make good pair in balancing hormones in humans. And I also cure insomniac people. 

“Together they help people in living a healthy life. When they stand united none of us will have any health problems in our life. We just have to know about them.”

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