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We Together514 work on the principle of toxin removal as toxin causes diseases and disease are making our life hell day by day.


Solved 1000+ cases of:

  • PCOD
  • Period Cramps
  • Thyroid
  • Post Angioplasty care
  • Healthy heart
  • Fatty liver
  • fats Loss
  • Muscle Gain
  • Blood Pressure
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We Help You Stay Healthy

The Trainers

Our Trainers are well experienced

Aamin Khan

This is Aamin khan known for my fitness and gym training workouts. I have completed my bachelor in commerce but due to my deep interest and spark for fitness and gym I completely shifted myself towards health and wellbeing. Now it’s being 2 year and I achieved to solve varieties of health problems just through home based diet and exercise. Feel free to catch me through our mail id wetogether514@gmail.com.

Zeenat Khan

This is Zeenat who is passionate about good food and life. I feel health isn’t valued until sickness comes. So my major motive behind pursuing nutrition is to become capable enough to bring the notion of balanced and nutritious diet from luxury to mainstream.
I’m a hardworking, sincere and definitely easy to talk to person.
So, if you ever start having a love-hate relationship with your food, just feel free to ping me up, I’m always available to make you fall in love with heathy eating all over again.
Feel free to drop any queries regarding nutrition
or mail me at zk0873348@gmail.com
Or wetogether514@gmail.com.

Not only lemon water but also amla , kiwi, guava, oranges , capsicum,Radish etc are all magical foods for daily use.
Lemon and above mentioned items are rich in vitamin C (water soluble vitamin) that means they are soluble in water and hence, gets excreted from our body in form of urine everyday.

One should take vitamin B and vitamin C daily.
Vitamin C are important for :-
🍋 Immunity Boaster
🥝 skin health
🍅 Hair Health
🌶️ Mood enhancer
🍍Weight loss
And much more!!

“We Together514 events”

  • Test your immunity without laboratory
  •  Internal and External detox
  • Healthy Lifestyle workshop
  • Combos of three
New Release:

E Book on vaginal Health....

Dietician Zeenat Khan has illustrated important points and ways to Improve your Vaginal Health. 

Why Wetogether514 ?

Because we provide:-

  • Diet (3 Time a week)
  • Gym Training/workout (3 time a week)
  • Yoga (3 Time a week)
  • Mental health support (4 time a month)
  • Counselling (Regular)

You can’t escape pain, but you can choose where to have it,

Fit have it in their muscles and the unfit in their joints. 

— Aamin Khan

Food give life, not calories

-Zeenat Khan